Outline of 1 Maccabees

Outline of 1 Maccabees


 I. Preamble

Alexander the Great (1 Macc 1:1-1:4)

The division of the empire of Alexander the Great (1 Macc 1:5-1:9)

Antiochus Epiphanes (1 Macc 1:10-1:10)

The renegades accept the gentile customs (1 Macc 1:11-1:15)

King Antiochus Epiphanes attacks Egypt (1 Macc 1:16-1:19)

King Antiochus steals from the Jerusalem Temple (1 Macc 1:20-1:24)

Israel is in mourning (1 Macc 1:25-1:28)

King Antiochus attacks Jerusalem (1 Macc 1:29-1:35)

Lamenting the citadel in Jerusalem (1 Macc 1:36-1:40)

The unification of the kingdom (1 Macc 1:41-1:50)

Inspectors (1 Macc 1:51-1:53)

The persecution of the Jews (1 Macc 1:54-1:61)

Some Jews decide to die (Macc 1:62-1:64)


 II. The Holy War

Mattathias and his sons (1 Macc 2:1-2:6)

The lament over Jerusalem of Mattathias (1 Macc 2:7-2:14)

The inspectors at Modein (1 Macc 2:15-2:18)

The response of Mattathias (1 Macc 2:19-2:22)

Mattathias kills the Jew offering a sacrifice (1 Macc 2:23-2:26)

Mattathias flees to the hills (1 Macc 2:27-2:28)

The test of the Sabbath in the wilderness (1 Macc 2:29-2:38)

Mattathias decides to fight on the Sabbath (1 Macc 2:39-2:41)

The organization and activity around Mattathias (1 Macc 2:42-2:48

The dying words of Mattathias (1 Macc 2:49-2:50)

Mattathias reminds his sons about their ancestors (1 Macc 2:51-2:60)

The dying words of Mattathias about the law (1 Macc 2:61-2:64)

Mattathias appoints his two sons (1 Macc 2:65-2:68)

The death of Mattathias (1 Macc 2:69-2:70)


 III. Judas Maccabeus

Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 3:1-3:2)

A poem about Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 3:3-3:9)

The defeat of Apollonius (1 Macc 3:10-3:12)

Seron, commander of the Syrian army (1 Macc 3:13-3:15)

Preparing for the battle of Beth-horon (1 Macc 3:16-3:22)

The success of Judas Maccabeus at Beth-horon (1 Macc 3:23-3:26)

The money problems of King Antiochus IV (1 Macc 3:27-3:31)

Lysias was put in charge of half the Syrian army (1 Macc 3:32-3:37)

The Seleucid army pursues Judah (1 Macc 3:38-3:41)

Judas Maccabeus learns about the Syrian forces (1 Macc 3:42-3:43)

The payer of the Israelites (1 Macc 3:44-3:45)

The penitential assembly at Mizpah (1 Macc 3:46-49)

The prayer at Mizpah (1 Macc 3:50-3:53)

The division of the troops (1 Macc 3:54-3:57)

The pep talk of Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 3:58-3:60)

Gorgias goes to Emmaus (1 Macc 4:1-4:5)

Judas and his men see the camp of Gorgias (1 Macc 4:6-4:11)

The battle of Emmaus (1 Macc 4:12-4:15)

Judas told them not to plunder the camp now (1 Macc 4:16-4:18)

The final defeat and plunder of the camp (1 Macc 4:19-4:25)

First campaign of Lysias (1 Macc 4:26-4:29)

The prayer of Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 4:30-4:33)

First battle with Lysias (1 Macc 4:34-4:35)

Judas Maccabeus sees the desolation in Jerusalem (1 Macc 4:36-4:40)

Cleansing the sanctuary (1 Macc 4:41-4:43)

Rebuilding the altar (1 Macc 4:44-4:47)

Refurnishing the Temple (1 Macc 4:48-4:51)

The celebration at the renewed Temple (1 Macc 4:52-4:58)

The eight-day celebration (1 Macc 4:59-4:59)

Fortification of the Temple (1 Macc 4:60-4:61)

The neighbors are angry at the Jews (1 Macc 5:1-5:2)

Judas Maccabeus against Idumea (1 Macc 5:3-5:5)

Judas Maccabeus battles with the Ammonites (1 Macc 5:6-5:8)

The letter from Gilead (1 Macc 5:9-5:13)

The dire message from the north (1 Macc 5:14-5:20)

The campaign in Galilee against the gentiles (1 Macc 5:21-5:23)

The meeting with the Nabateans (1 Macc 5:24-5:27)

The attack on Bozrah (1 Macc 5:28-5:28)

The attack on Dathema (1 Macc 5:29-5:34)

The attack on Alema and the other cities (1 Macc 5:35-5:36)

Timothy and the other gentiles (1 Macc 5:37-5:41)

The attack on Carnaim (1 Macc 5:42-5:44)

The people in Ephron refuse passage to the Jews (1 Macc 5:45-5:48)

The attack on Ephron (1 Macc 5:49-5:51)

The return to Jerusalem (1 Macc 5:52-5:54)

The reversal of fortunes at Jamnia (1 Macc 5:55-5:62)

The success of Judas and his brothers (1 Macc 5:63-5:64)

The further adventures of Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 5:65-5:68)

The defeat of King Antiochus IV in Elymais (1 Macc 6:1-6:4)

King Antiochus IV got the bad news about Judah (1 Macc 6:5-6:7)

The death bed repentance of King Antiochus IV (1 Macc 6:8-6:13)

The death of King Antiochus IV (1 Macc 6:14-6:17)

The siege of the citadel in Jerusalem (1 Macc 6:18-6:27)

The expedition of Antiochus V (1 Macc 6:28-6:31)

Judas Maccabeus goes to Beth-zechariah (1 Macc 6:32-6:32)

The king’s army prepares to do battle (1 Macc 6:33-6:39)

The Jewish defeat at the battle of Beth-zechariah (1 Macc 6:40-6:47)

The taking of Bethzur and siege of Jerusalem (1 Macc 6:48-6:54)

The dispute between Lysias and Philip (1 Macc 6:55-6:59)

The king agrees to a peace treaty (1 Macc 6:60-6:63)

Demetrius I become king (1 Macc 7:1-7:4)

The renegades led by Alcimus (1 Macc 7:5-7:7)

The mission of Bacchides (1 Macc 7:8-7:11)

The meeting with the Hasideans (1 Macc 7:12-7:18)

Bacchides leave Jerusalem (1 Macc 7:19-7:20)

Alcimus as high priest in charge in Jerusalem (1 Macc 7:21-7:25)

Nicanor in Judea (1 Macc 7:26-7:28)

The meeting of Nicanor and Judas (1 Macc 7:29-7:32)

Menace against the Temple (1 Macc 7:33-7:38)

Judas prays (1 Macc 7:39-7:42)

The defeat of Nicanor (1 Macc 7:43-7:50)

The importance of the Romans (1 Macc 8:1-8:11)

The trust worthy Roman Senate (1 Macc 8:12-8:16)

Two Jews sent to Rome (1 Macc 8:17-8:21)

A copy of the letter of the Romans to the Jews (1 Macc 8:22-8:30)

Postscript about King Demetrius I (1 Macc 8:31-8:32)

King Demetrius I sends more troops to Jerusalem (1 Macc 9:1-9:4)

Judas and his small group (1 Macc 9:5-9:6)

Judas decides to fight (1 Macc 9:7-9:10)

The battle begins (1 Macc 9:11-9:13)

The death of Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 9:14-9:18)

Funeral of Judas Maccabeus (1 Macc 9:19-9:22)


IV. Jonathan, Chief of the Jews

Triumph of the pro-Syrian party (1 Macc 9:23-9:27)

Jonathan becomes the new leader (1 Macc 9:28-9:31)

Jonathan in the wilderness (1 Macc 9:32-9:34)

John wants help with baggage (1 Macc 9:35-9:36)

Jonathan attacks the Jambri wedding party (1 Macc 9:37-9:42)

Jonathan rallies the troops (1 Macc 9:43-9:46)

The battle at the Jordan River (1 Macc 9:47-9:49)

The fortifications of Bacchides (1 Macc 9:50-9:53)

The death of Alcimus (1 Macc 9:54-9:57)

The plan to attack Jonathan (1 Macc 9:58-9:61)

The gathering at Bethbasi (1 Macc 9:62-9:64)

Bacchides is defeated and leaves (1 Macc 9:65-9:69)

Jonathan and the peace treaty (1 Macc 9:70-9:73)

King Demetrius I seeks peace with Jonathan (1 Macc 10:1-10:6)

Jonathan releases the men at the citadel in Jerusalem (1 Macc 10:7-10:9)

Jonathan rebuilds Jerusalem (1 Macc 10:10-10:11)

The renegades flee (1 Macc 10:12-10:14)

Jonathan and King Alexander (1 Macc 10:15-10:17)

The letter of King Alexander to Jonathan (1 Macc 10:17-10:21)

King Demetrius I realizes what King Alexander has done (1 Macc 10:22-10:24)

The letter of King Demetrius I (1 Macc 10:25-10:28)

King Demetrius I says no more taxes (1 Macc 10:29-10:33)

King Demetrius I allows all the Jewish feast days (1 Macc 10:34-10:35)

King Demetrius I allows Jews to be in his army (1 Macc 10:36-10:37)

King Demetrius I will give money to Jerusalem (1 Macc 10:38-10:45)

Jonathan favors King Alexander (1 Macc 10:46-10:47)

The fall of King Demetrius I (1 Macc 10:48-10:50)

King Alexander I sends a message to Egypt (1 Macc 10:51-10:54)

The response of King Ptolemy (1 Macc 10:55-10:56)

The wedding of King Alexander I and Cleopatra (1 Macc 10:57-10:58)

Jonathan is honored by the king of Syria (1 Macc 10:59-10:66)

Demetrius II appears on the scene (1 Macc 10:67-10:69)

The message from Apollonius to Jonathan (1 Macc 10:69-10:73)

Jonathan goes to Joppa (1 Macc 10:74-10:76)

Jonathan fights at Azotus (1 Macc 10:77-10:81)

Jonathan with Simon wins at Azotus (1 Macc 10:82-10:85)

King Alexander I honors Jonathan (1 Macc 10:86-10:89)

King Ptolemy VI of Egypt visits Syria (1 Macc 11:1-11:3)

King Ptolemy VI sees the destruction at Azotus (1 Macc 11:4-11:6)

King Ptolemy VI gives his daughter to King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:8-11:12)

King Ptolemy VI defeats King Alexander I (1 Macc 11:13-11:19)

King Demetrius II and Jonathan disagree (1 Macc 11:20-11:22)

The meeting of Jonathan and King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:23-11:28)

King Demetrius II’s letter to Jonathan (1 Macc 11:29-11:37)

King Demetrius II and the growing opposition to him (1 Macc 11:38-11:40)

Jonathan sends troops to King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:41-11:44)

The revolt in Antioch (1 Macc 11:45-11:51)

King Demetrius II does not keep his word with Jonathan (1 Macc 11:52-11:53)

Trypho returns to unseat King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:54-11:56)

King Antiochus VI favors Jonathan (1 Macc 11:57-11:59)

Jonathan is on the offensive at Gaza (1 Macc 11:60-11:62)

Jonathan meets the officers of the deposed King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:63-11:66)

Jonathan and the battle at Hazor (1 Macc 11:67-11:74)

Jonathan sends messengers to Rome (1 Macc 12:1-12:4)

The letter to the Spartans about the past (1 Macc 12:5-12:8)

The letter to the Spartans about the present (1 Macc 12:9-12:18)

A copy of the letter sent to Onias, the high priest (1 Macc 12:19-12:23)

Jonathan and the commanders of army of the deposed King Demetrius II (1 Macc 12:24-12:32)

Simeon goes to Askalon (1 Macc 12:33-12:34)

Fortifications in Jerusalem (1 Macc 12:35-12:38)

Trypho wants to become king (1 Macc 12:39-12:40)

Jonathan and Trypho meet (1 Macc 12:41-12:45)

The capture of Jonathan (1 Macc 12:46-12:48)

Trypho wants to defeat the Jewish troops (1 Macc 12:49-12:53)


 V. Simon, High Priest

Simon’s speech in Jerusalem (1 Macc 13:1-13:6)

Simon takes command (1 Macc 13:7-13:11)

Trypho sends a message to Simon (1 Macc 13:12-13:16)

Trypho tricks Simon (1 Macc 13:17-13:19)

The death of Jonathan (1 Macc 13:20-13:24)

Jonathan is buried in a tomb in Modein (1 Macc 13:25-13:30)

Trypho becomes king of Asia (1 Macc 13:31-13:32)

Simon wants to contact the deposed King Demetrius II (1 Macc 13:33-13:35)

The letter of King Demetrius II to Simon (1 Macc 13:35-13:40)

Israel gains independence (1 Macc 13:41-13:42)

Simon takes Gazara (1 Macc 13:43-13:48)

Simon takes the citadel in Jerusalem (1 Macc 13:49-13:53)

King Demetrius II rises up again (1 Macc 14:1-14:3)

A poem to Simon (1 Macc 14:4-14:15)

The response of Sparta and Rome (1 Macc 14:16-14:19)

The letter of the Spartans (1 Macc 14:20-14:23)

Simon makes an alliance with Rome (1 Macc 14:24-14:24)

The people honor Simon and his brothers (1 Macc 14:25-14:27)

A copy of the bronze tablets (1 Macc 14:27-14:28)

The proclamation about Simon and Jonathan (1 Macc 14:29-14:34)

The peace of Simon (1 Macc 14:35-14:37)

King Demetrius II praises Simon (1 Macc 14:38-14:40)

Simon takes command (1 Macc 14:41-14:43)

The dictatorial authority of Simon (1 Macc 14:44-14:45)

Simon accepts the title of ethnarch (1 Macc 14:46-14:47)

The decree is put on bronze tablets (1 Macc 14:48-14:49)

King Antiochus VII sends a letter to Simon (1 Macc 15:1-15:1)

The letter of King Antiochus VII to Simon (1 Macc 15:2-15:9)

King Antiochus VII invades Dor (1 Macc 15:10-15:14)

Return of the ambassadors of Rome to Judea (1 Macc 15:15-15:15)

The letter from Rome to the Egyptian king (1 Macc 15:15-15:21)

Similar letters to the other kings (1 Macc 15:22-15:24)

King Antiochus VII and the dispute with Simon (1 Macc 15:25-15:31)

Athenobius goes to Jerusalem to meet Simon (1 Macc 15:32-15:36)

Cendebeus, commander of the coastal country (1 Macc 15:37-15:41)

Simon sends his sons to fight (1 Macc 16:1-16:3)

John defeats Cendebeus (1 Macc 16:4-16:10)

The tragic death of Simon and his sons (1 Macc 16:11-16:17)

Ptolemy takes charge (1 Macc 16:18-16:22)

John (1 Macc 16:23-16:24)




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