Queen Esther asks God for courage (Greek text only)

“O Lord!

Do not surrender your scepter to what has no being!

Do not let them laugh at our downfall!

Turn their plan against them!

Make an example of the man who began this against us.

Remember, O Lord!

Make yourself known in this time of our affliction.

Give me courage!

O King of the gods!

Master of all dominion!

Put eloquent speech in my mouth before the lion.

Turn his heart to hate the man who is fighting against us.

Let there be an end of him and those who agree with him!

Save us by your hand!

Help me!

I am alone

I have no helper but you, O Lord.

You have knowledge of all things.

You know that I hate the splendor of the wicked.

I abhor the bed of the uncircumcised and of any alien.

You know my necessity.

I abhor the sign of my proud position,

That which is upon my head on the days when I appear in public.

I abhor it like a filthy rag.

I do not wear it on the days when I am at leisure.

Your servant has not eaten at Haman’s table.

I have not honored the king’s feast.

I have not drunk the wine of libations.

Your servant has had no joy

Since the day that I was brought here until now,

Except in you, O Lord God of Abraham.

O God, whose might is over all,

Hear the voice of the despairing!

Save us from the hands of evildoers!

Save me from my fear!”

Queen Esther asked God to give her courage in this Greek text. She wanted to turn the plan against the man who was plotting against her and her people.   She wanted God to reveal himself. She wanted his help to give her the strength since she had no one to help her, except God. She said that she hated the uncircumcised bed and the royal position. However, she had agreed to this, in fact sought it out. She said that she had not eaten at Haman’s table or drank at the king’s libations. However, she had been queen for a few years. She proclaimed that she has had no joy since she became queen. She took her joy in the all powerful God of Abraham. In desperation, she wanted to be saved from evildoers and her own fear.

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