The people of Bethulia greet Judith (Jdt 13:12-13:14)

“When the people of her town heard Judith’s voice, they hurried down to the town gate. They summoned the elders of the town. They all ran together, both small and great, for it seemed unbelievable that she had returned. They opened the gate. They welcomed them. Then they lit a fire to give light. They gathered around them. Then Judith said to them with a loud voice.

‘Praise God!

Praise him!

Praise God!

He has not withdrawn his mercy from the house of Israel,

He has destroyed our enemies by my hand this very night!’”

When the townspeople heard the voice of Judith, they hurried down to the town gate. They called the elders of the town as everyone ran together. This was unbelievable that Judith had returned. Finally, they opened the gate for her and her maid as they welcomed her back and lit a fire. When they had gathered around her, Judith praised God, saying that he had destroyed their enemies that every night. So far, she has not revealed how this was done. However, they were all very happy to see her.

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