Judith reveals her plan to General Holofernes (Jdt 11:16-11:19)

“When I, your slave, learned all this,

I fled from them.

God has sent me to accomplish with you

Things that will astonish the whole world,

Whenever people shall hear about them.

Your servant is indeed God-fearing.

I serve the God of heaven day and night.

Therefore, my lord, I will remain with you.

Every night your servant will go out into the valley.

I will pray to God.

He will tell me when they have committed their sins.

Then I will come and tell you.

Then you may go out with your whole army.

Not one of them will be able to withstand you.

Then I will lead you through Judea,

Until you come to Jerusalem.

There I will set your throne.

You will drive them like sheep that have no shepherd.

No dog will as much as growl at you.

This was told me to give me foreknowledge.

It was announced to me.

I was sent to tell you.”

The plan is simple. God sent me to you so that you might astonish the whole world. Judith had fled from the Israelites because the God of heaven and earth had sent her. Every night, she would go out into the valley to pray. God would then tell her when they have sinned. Then she would come and tell the general. Next his army would destroy them because they would not be able to withstand him. She would lead him through Judea to Jerusalem, where she would put General Holofernes on a throne in Jerusalem. He would drive the Israelites out like sheep without a shepherd. Even the dogs would not growl at him. All this was revealed to Judith so that she could help him. Judith continued with her plans of grandeur for General Holofernes. Now it is not simply this little town but the city of Jerusalem as the ultimate goal of this expedition. Judith indicated that she was a prophet to whom God spoke. She was willing to share her knowledge with him.

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