The officers of Holofernes did not like Achior (Jdt 5:22-5:24)

“When Achior had finished saying these things, all the people standing around the tent began to complain. Holofernes’ officers, all the inhabitants of the seacoast, and those from Moab insisted that Achior should be cut to pieces. They said.

‘We are not afraid of the Israelites.

They are a people with no strength or power for making war.

Therefore let us go ahead, Lord Holofernes.

Your vast army will swallow them up.’”

When Achior was finished speaking, all the people complained. The officers of Holofernes, the people from the seacoast, and Moab all insisted that Achior be put to death. They said that they were not afraid of the Israelites since they have no strength or war powers. They wanted to get going to swallow up the Israelite army and people.

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