The sad farewell (Tob 5:18-5:21)

“But his mother, began to weep. She said to Tobit.

‘Why is it that you have sent my child away?

Is he not the staff of our hand as he goes in and out before us?

Do not heap money upon money.

Let it be a ransom for our child.

The life that is given to us by the Lord is enough for us.’

Tobit said to her.

‘Do not worry.

Our child will leave in good health.

He will return to us in good health, safe and sound.

Say no more!

Do not fear for them, my sister.

A good angel will accompany him.

His journey will be successful.

He will come back in good health.’

She stopped weeping.”

Anna, the mother of Tobias, was crying. She wanted to know why he was sending her child away. He was so helpful around the house. Why was he seeking more money, when they were getting by. It was like he was ransoming his son. The Lord had provided for them. Tobit replied that she should not be afraid. He was leaving in good health and would return in good health. He was going to be protected by an angel. With that, she stopped crying. This was like sending your child off to college. You never know what is going to happen.

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