Tobit wants Tobias to seek good advice from men and God (Tob 4:18-4:19)

“Seek advice from every wise person.

Do not despise any useful counsel.

At all times,

Bless the Lord God.

Ask him that your ways may be made straight.

Ask him so that all your paths and plans may prosper.

For none of the nations has understanding.

The Lord himself will give them good counsel.

However, if he chooses otherwise,

He casts down to deepest Hades.

So, now, my son,

Remember these commandments.

Do not let them be erased from your heart.”

Tobit wants his son Tobias to seek advice from wise men. He was not to dismiss this wise counsel. More important, and at all times, he was to bless the Lord God. He was to ask God to make his ways straight so that he might prosper. No country will be successful without God’s counsel. However, he can cast countries down to Hades. Finally, Tobit wants his son to remember these commandments in his heart, never forgetting or erasing them.

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