Tobit explains about the money in Media (Tob 4:20-4:21)

“Now, my son,

Let me explain to you

That I have left ten talents of silver

In trust with Gabael son of Gabrias

At Rages in Media.

Do not be afraid, my son,

Because we have become poor.

You have great wealth,

If you fear God

And refrain from every sin

And do what is pleasing in his sight.”

Finally, Tobit explains to his son the money that he left in Media with Gabael as in chapter 1 of this book. He told him that it was 10 talents of silver, about $60,000.USA dollars. He told Tobias to not be afraid, even though they seem poor. His wealth is with fearing God, staying away from sin, and being pleasing in the sight of God. Wealth is not just material things.

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