Tobit would not eat the Gentile food (Tob 1:10-1:14)

“After I was carried away captive to Nineveh, every one of my kindred and my people ate the food of the Gentiles. However, I kept myself from eating the food of the Gentiles. Because I was mindful of God with all my heart, the Most High gave me favor and good standing with King Shalmaneser. I used to buy all the provisions he needed. Until his death, I used to go into Media, and buy for him there. While in the country of Media I left bags of silver worth ten talents in trust with Gabael, the brother of Gabri.”

Although the family and friends of Tobit ate the Gentile food, he did not. It is not clear what food he actually ate. Because of this God was good to him. Somehow he became a messenger of the king. He would buy provisions for him in Media, which was pretty far away. One day he left 10 talents of silver with some person called Gabael. Why he did this is not clear. This was a lot of money, worth about $60,000 USA. However, as the rest of the story unfolds, the return of this money will be important.

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