The descendents of Solomon’s servants returning (Neh 7:57-7:60)

“The descendents of Solomon’s servants were the descendents of Sotai, the descendents of Sophereth, the descendents of Perida, the descendents of Jaala, the descendents of Darkon, the descendents of Giddel, the descendents of Shephatiah, the descendents of Hattil, the descendents of Pochereth-hazzebaim, and the descendents of Amon. All the temple servants and the descendents of Solomon’s servants were three hundred ninety-two.”

There also were the descendents of the palace servants from the time of King Solomon. People must have considered this a big deal or a hereditary job. There were 10 named groups. 6 are exactly the same as in Ezra, chapter 2. 4 others have slight variations, Sophereth for Hassophereth, Perida for Peruda, Jaala for Jaalah, and Amon for Ami. Most of these names only appear here. The total number of Temple and palace servants or hereditary slaves was 392, the same as in Ezra. The big problem is that there was no king, palace, or Temple. What were they to do?

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