The prophet Oded (2 Chr 28:9-28:11)

“But a prophet of Yahweh was there, whose name was Oded. He went out to meet the army that came to Samaria. He said to them. ‘Because Yahweh, the God of your ancestors was angry with Judah, he gave them into your hand. However, you have killed them in a rage which has reached up to heaven. Now you intend to subjugate the people of Judah and Jerusalem, male and female, as your slaves. What have you, except sins against Yahweh your God? Now hear me! Send back the captives whom you have taken from your kindred, for the fierce wrath of Yahweh is upon you.’”

Once again, we have a story that is unique to this chronicler. The Israelite Yahweh prophet Oded warned the northern king of Israel that he should not take advantage of defeated Judah. This prophet Oded only appears here. Yahweh was mad at Judah, but now this massacre had gone too far. Oded warned King Pekah that he should not make captives of the people of Judah and Jerusalem. The king of Israel was acting out of rage, since he too was a sinner against Yahweh. The prophet Oded wanted King Pekah of Israel to send the prisoners back.

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