The death of the priest Jehoiada (2 Chr 24:15-24:16)

“However, Jehoiada grew old and full of days. He died. He was one hundred and thirty years old at his death. They buried him in the city of David among the kings, because he had done good things in Israel, for God and his house.”

There was no mention of the death of the priest Jehoiada in 2 Kings or in any other biblical source. Here Jehoiada lived to 130 years old when everyone else was dying around 50-60 years old. This seems strange. Apparently he took on the mantle of a patriarch, like in Genesis, where people lived to a good age. He was buried among the kings even though he was not a king, but his influence on the young King Joash may have given him more authority. Certainly he had done good things for God and his house. However, he had not done things for Israel, since that was the northern kingdom with the good King Jehu there. He had served Judah and Jerusalem as is often mentioned here, not Israel.

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