The prayer of King Jehoshaphat against the invaders (2 Chr 20:10-20:12)

“See now the people of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir,

Whom you would not let Israel invade

When they came from the land of Egypt,

Whom they avoided and did not destroy.

They reward us

By coming to drive us out of your possession

That you have given us to inherit.

O our God,

Will you not execute judgment upon them?

For we are powerless against this great multitude

That is coming against us.

We do not know what to do,

But our eyes are on you.’”

Now King Jehoshaphat related the glory of Yahweh to his specific problem. He admitted his own weakness. He said that Israel did not invade Ammon and Moab when they came from Egypt because Yahweh did not want them to invade these countries. The Ammonites were considered to be the descendents of Lot along with the Moabites. They were east of the Dead Sea. Yahweh told Moses and his followers not to engage in battle with them. Now, however, they are coming after the people of Judah. The prayer of King Jehoshaphat talks about how powerless he is. However, in fact he had over a million warriors at this disposal. However, he clearly is turning to Yahweh for help.

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