The confrontation with the prophet Micaiah (2 Chr 18:23-18:27)

“Then Zedekiah son of Chenaanah came up to Micaiah. He slapped him on the cheek, and said. ‘Which way did the Spirit of Yahweh pass from me to speak to you?’ Micaiah replied. ‘You will find out on that day when you go in to hide in an inner chamber.’ The king of Israel then gave an order. ‘Take Micaiah! Return him back to Amon the governor of the city and to Joash the king’s son. Say to them. ‘Thus says the king. Put this fellow in prison. Feed him on reduced rations of bread and water until I return in peace.’ Micaiah said. ‘If you return in peace, Yahweh has not spoken by me.’ He said. ‘Hear, you people, all of you!’”

Once again, this is word for word from 1 Kings, chapter 22. The leader of the 400 King Ahab prophets, Zedekiah slapped the prophet Micaiah. He then asked him to tell him which way the Spirit of Yahweh had passed from one to the other. Micaiah told him that he would find out on the day that he had to hide in the inner chamber. Then the king stepped in and ordered Micaiah to go to jail with limited bread and water until he had returned in peace after the victory. Micaiah’s response was that if King Ahab returned in peace, then Yahweh had not spoken to him. He cried out with the ‘hear, all you people.’ So Micaiah ended up in prison, while they went out to fight at Ramoth-gilead.

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