The prayer of King Asa (2 Chr 14:11-14:11)

“King Asa cried to Yahweh his God.

‘O Yahweh,

There is no difference for you

Between the mighty and the weak.

Help us,

O Yahweh our God,

For we rely on you.

In your name we have come against this multitude.

O Yahweh,

You are our God.

Let no mortal prevail against you.’”

In 1 Kings, chapter 15, King Asa was described as weak. Here he relied heavily on Yahweh to lead him into battle. He prayed to Yahweh for help with a beautiful prayer. He acknowledged that for Yahweh it made no difference between the weak and the strong. King Asa will rely on Yahweh rather than his own troops against the multitude before him. He wanted help because no mortal would prevail against Yahweh.

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