The end of the reign of King Asa (2 Chr 16:11-16:14)

“The acts of King Asa, from first to last, are written in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel. In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was diseased in his feet. His disease became severe. Yet even in his disease he did not seek Yahweh, but sought help from physicians. King Asa slept with his ancestors, dying in the forty-first year of his reign. They buried him in the tomb which he had hewn out for himself in the city of David. They laid him on a bier which had been filled with various kinds of spices prepared by the perfumer’s art. They made a very great fire in his honor.”

Once again, we are back at 1 Kings, chapter 15, after the last unique paragraph about the prophet Hanani. Here is the first mention in this book of the lost “Book of the Chronicles or Annals of the kings of Judah.” This lost book served as the source background for the Chronicler biblical writer for the first time. The first assumption to think that it is the biblical Book of Kings, but that book of Kings also cited this work. In his old age, King Asa, like Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son in 2 Samuel, chapter 9, had a foot problem. However, here it says that he did not rely on Yahweh but on physicians that was not in 1 Kings. Unlike the other kings of Judah who also were buried in Jerusalem, there was huge fire in his honor. After all he had ruled for 41 years, quite a long time.

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