Queen mother Maacah and Yahweh worship (2 Chr 15:16-15:18)

“King Asa even removed his mother Maacah from being queen mother because she had made an abominable image for Asherah. King Asa cut down her image, crushed it, and burned it at the Wadi Kidron. But the high places were not taken out of Israel. Nevertheless the heart of King Asa was true all his days. He brought into the house of God the votive gifts of his father and his own votive gifts of silver, gold, and utensils. There was no more war until the thirty-fifth year of the reign of King Asa.”

This is based on 1 Kings, chapter 15. More importantly, King Asa walked in the ways of Yahweh with a heart true to Yahweh. He removed his Queen Mother Maacah from her place of prominence. The exact implications of this are not clear. He also burned her picture of the goddess Asherah. Here he also crushed it. However, he did leave the high places of worship alone, but this is in contradiction to the previous chapter that said he removed all the high places. Perhaps this biblical author was just repeating what was in 1 Kings. Yet it in other places he had no trouble expanding or even changing what the author of 1 Kings had said. Anyway, King Asa probably had no control over Israel. Nevertheless both biblical writers held that King Asa made many votive gifts to the temple of gold and silver. Clearly King Asa was a religious reformer who tried to elevate the unique Yahweh cult.


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