King Solomon’s prayer for rain (2 Chr 6:26-6:27)

“When heaven is shut up

And there is no rain

Because they have sinned against you.

Then they pray toward this place,

Confess your name,

And turn from their sin,

Because you punish them,

May you hear in heaven,

Forgive the sin of your servants,

Your people Israel,

When you teach them the good way in which they should walk.

Send down rain upon your land,

That you have given to your people as an inheritance.”

Once again, this prayer comes almost word for word from 1 Kings, chapter 8. The only addition is a phrase about punishment. When there is no rain, heaven is shut down. As the Israelites have sinned, they can come to this place to pray for rain. They need to confess your name and turn from sin. This prayer asks God to forgive his servants, his own people of Israel. When they learn the good way, they should walk in that way. Grant them rain so that they might have an inheritance. Drought was a common problem in the Middle East. Prayer for rain is a normal occurrence in all religions, especially in agricultural communities. God is the power who controls the skies and therefore the rain.

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