The gold cherubim (2 Chr 3:10-3:14)

“In the most holy place King Solomon made two carved cherubim and overlaid them with gold. The wings of the cherubim together extended twenty cubits. One wing was five cubits long and touched the wall of the house. Its other wing was also five cubits long, and touched the wing of the other cherub. Of this cherub, one wing, five cubits long, touched the wall of the house. The other wing, also five cubits long, was joined to the wing of the first cherub. The wings of these cherubim extended twenty cubits. The cherubim stood on their feet, facing the nave. King Solomon made the veil of blue and purple and crimson fabrics and fine linens. He worked cherubim into it.”

Once again based on 1 Kings, chapter 6, there is a description of the cherubim in the most holy place. These cherubim are holy winged figures who represented a messenger from God just like the guardians of Eden as in Genesis, chapter 3. Thus these cherubim will guard the holy of holies. They are extremely large, 10 cubits high or 15 feet high with wings that were 5 cubits or 7 ½ feet wide or a wing span of 10 cubits or 15 feet. These giant cherubim touched both sides of the walls. They touched each other in the middle with each 10 cubits high and 10 cubits spread out. They overlaid these cherubim with gold.   On the veil were worked in carvings of cherubim. Gold was overlaid all over the place. These cherubim were the center of this ornamentation in the most holy place. However, there is no mention that they were made of olivewood. Otherwise, it is pretty much the same as in 1 Kings.

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