The twenty-four lots for the gatekeepers (1 Chr 26:12-26:19)

“These divisions of the gatekeepers corresponded to their leaders. They had duties, just as their kindred did, ministering in the house of Yahweh. They cast lots by ancestral houses, small and great alike, for their gates. The lot for the east fell to Shelemiah. They cast lots also for his son Zechariah, a prudent counselor. His lot came out for the north. Obed-edom’s came out for the south. His sons were allotted the storehouse. For Shuppim and Hosah it came out for the west, at the gate of Shallecheth on the ascending road. Guard corresponded to guard. On the east there were six Levites each day. On the north there were four Levites each day. On the south there were four Levites each day. As well there were two and two Levites at the storehouse. For the colonnade on the west there were four Levites at the road and two Levites at the colonnade. These were the divisions of the gatekeepers among the Korahites and the sons of Merari.”

The gatekeepers had to draw lots like the singers so that they and their families would guard the gates on the 4 sides of the Temple, the house of Yahweh. On the east side, Shelemiah was in charge. Apparently this Shelemiah is just another name for Meshelemiah that was just mentioned. On the north side, his son Zechariah was in charge. On the south side, Obed-edom was in charge. Shuppim and Hosah, just mentioned in the preceding paragraph, were in charge on the west side. Each one had their duties every day. Each day there were 4 Levites on each side, except for the east that had 6 Levites. The storehouse and the colonnade also had gatekeepers also. The gate on the west side was called Shallecheth, with this being the only time that this name appears in the biblical literature.

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