The prophet Nathan and building the temple of Yahweh (1 Chr 17:1-17:2)

“When King David settled in his house, he said to Nathan the prophet. ‘I am living in a house of cedar, but the ark of the covenant of Yahweh is under a tent.’ Nathan said to King David. ‘Do all that you have in mind, for God is with you.’”

This is almost word for word from 2 Samuel, chapter 7. When things had settled down for King David, he called the prophet Nathan. All the enemies of King David had suddenly disappeared. Nathan was a common name in biblical literature, with 7 different people with this name. This prophet Nathan is not the same as the son of King David called Nathan. However, he will have a major role as God’s consultant during the time of King David and his successor King Solomon. Here he seems to agree that King David should build a house for the ark that is at least as good as his own palace, certainly better than a mere tent, like in the days of the wilderness. Clearly Yahweh was with King David.

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