King David prepares for the transport of the ark (1 Chr 15:1-15:2)

“King David built houses for himself in the city of David. He prepared a place for the ark of God. He pitched a tent for it. Then King David commanded that no one but the Levites were to carry the ark of God. Yahweh had chosen them to carry the ark of Yahweh and to minister to him forever.”

King David built his own houses in Jerusalem. He built more than one house for himself, notice the plural houses. The biblical author already called it the City of David. He was going to put the Ark of the Covenant in a tent. King David also declared that only the Levites could carry the Ark of God, as it is referred to. This was an emphasis on the Levites as opposed to priests. Once again, this biblical author showed his preference for the Levites, who at his time dominated, but did not at the time of King David.

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