The sons of Judah return (1 Chr 9:4-9:6)

“Uthai son of Ammihud, son of Omri, son of Imri, son of Bani, from the sons of Perez, son of Judah returned to Jerusalem. Of the Shilonites, Asaiah the first-born, and his sons returned. Of the sons of Zerah were Jeuel and their kin, six hundred ninety.”

The sons of Judah would certainly return to Jerusalem. There was one other Uthai and Imri. There were 5 people with the name of Ammihud. There were 3 other people beside the king of Israel (885-874 BCE) named Omri. There were 8 people with the name of Bani, half of them Levites. Perez was the son of Judah via Tamar. This is the only mention of the Shilonites. There were 4 people named Asaiah. Zerah was the twin brother of Perez. There were 3 people named Jeuel. The total was 690, a small but significant number of Judahites.

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