Abihail (1 Chr 5:14-5:15)

“These were the sons of Abihail son of Huri, son of Jaroah, son of Gilead, son of Michael, son of Jeshishai, son of Jahdo, son of Buz. Ahi son of Abdiel, son of Guni, was chief in their clan.”

There are 5 people, both men and women, in the biblical literature who have the name of Abihail. His sons all have the name son of or Ben-Huri, Ben-Jaroah, Ben-Gilead, Ben-Michael, Ben-Jeshishai, Ben Jahdo, and Ben-Buz. Some of these names are unique to this passage, Huri, Jaroah, Jeshishai, and Jahdo. Gilead and Michael were more common names. Buz was also the name of a place. Ahi was the chief of this clan. This is the only mention of Abdiel, but Ahi and Guni appear once elsewhere.

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