Joel (1 Chr 5:4-5:6)

“The sons of Joel were Shemaiah, Gog, Shimei, Micah, Reaiah, Baal, and Beerah. King Tiglath-pileser of Assyria carried away Joel, who was a chieftain of the Reubenites, into exile.”

Although there are many biblical people named Joel, this Joel is a descendent of Reuben, either via Hanoch or Carmi. This Joel had 7 sons. Joel himself was taken away during the Assyrian Captivity. Otherwise, there is no mention of any of the children from the 4 sons of Reuben. Like Simeon, this tribe or clan of Reuben tends to disappear slowly. Just like Simeon, there is someone called (1) Shemaiah and Shimei. This is the first (2) Gog mentioned, but others will come. There are 2 other more famous people with the name (3) Micah, one from Judges, chapters 17-18, and other prophet with the book named Micah. (4) Reaiah is also mentioned in the families of Judah. (5) Baal was the name of a very popular god in Israel and Samaria. However, it also was the name of a place as well as the name of some individuals. This would seem to indicate that Baal worship was very strong since people and places take this name. (6) Beerah was only mentioned here.

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