The direct descendents of Adam (1 Chr 1:1-1:3)

“Adam, Seth, Enosh. Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared. Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech.”

This biblical author wants to put a historical spin on the various stories in the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomy history in Samuel and Kings. The first grouping is from Adam to Noah. This group of people is sometimes referred to as the patriarchs before the flood, or what some might call pre-historic times since there is very little evidence of their actual existence. This list is taken from Genesis, chapter 5. Perhaps this document might have been a contemporary document in the 5th century BCE with the priestly edition of the Pentateuch. The first grouping is the so-called first man Adam, who lived to be 937 years old, his son, and grandson. His son, besides Cain and Abel who are not even mentioned here, was Seth who lived to be 912 years old. Seth’s son was Enosh who lived to be 905 years old. Obviously there were other brothers and sisters but they are not mentioned. The next 3 were the direct descendents of Enosh. Kenan lived to be 910 year old. Kenan’s son Mahalalel lived to be 895 years old. Jared, his son, lived to be 712 years old. Notice that they are not living as long. The next 3 names pose some problems. Obviously these 3 are in chapter 5 of Genesis. However, the same names appear earlier in chapter 4 of Genesis. Enoch is a curious character as the son of Jared since he only lived to be 365 years old and apparently God took him instead of having him die. Also a man named Enoch was Cain’s first son as well as the name of a territory. Methuselah lived the longest to 965 years old, but Methushael was the name of the grandson of Enoch and the father of Lamech, the same name as in chapter 4. Lamech in chapter 4 is said to have been very vengeful as the son of Cain. In chapter 5, he lives to be 777 years old, being very lucky. He will be the father of Noah. Thus this first list of genealogies poses many questions.

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