The response of the prophet Elisha (1 Kings 3:13-3:20)

“Elisha said to the king of Israel. ‘What have I to do with you? Go to your father’s prophets or to your mother’s prophets.’ But the king of Israel said to him. ‘No, it is Yahweh who has summoned us, three kings, only to be handed over to Moab.’ Elisha said. ‘As Yahweh of hosts lives, whom I serve, were it not that I have regard for King Jehoshaphat of Judah, I would give you neither a look nor a glance. But get me a musician.’ Then when the musician was playing, the power of Yahweh came on him. He said. ‘Thus says Yahweh. ‘I will make this Wadi full of pools.’ Thus says Yahweh. ‘You shall see neither wind nor rain, but that Wadi shall be filled with water, so that you shall drink, you, your cattle, and your animals.’ This is only a trifle in the sight of Yahweh. He will hand Moab over to you. You shall conquer every fortified city and every choice city. Every good tree you shall fell. All springs of water you shall stop up. Every good piece of land you shall ruin with stones.’ The next day, about the time of the morning offering, suddenly water began to flow from the direction of Edom, until the country was filled with water.”

The prophet Elisha did not like King Jehoram of Israel and told him to consult with his parent’s prophets, who were prophets of Baal. However, the king of Israel reminded him that Yahweh had blessed their mission. Elisha said that he had great respect for King Jehoshaphat of Judah. Otherwise, he would not waste his time with King Jehoram. Elisha asked for a musician so that in his trance the power of Yahweh came upon him. Yahweh said that he would enlarge the brooks or the wadis. There would be no rain or wind. They, their cattle and animals would be able to drink. On top of that, they were going to be successful in Moab. They would conquer all the cities, fortified or not. They would fell trees, stop up wells, and ruin the land with stones. Sure enough, the next morning, the brooks or wadis began to fill with water, all coming from Edom.

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