Rupture between Samuel and Saul (1 Sam 13:8-13:15)

“Saul waited seven days, the time appointed by Samuel. But Samuel did not come to Gilgal. The people began to slip away from Saul. So Saul said. ‘Bring the burnt offering here to me, and the offerings of well-being.’ He offered the burnt offering. As soon as he had finished offering the burnt offering, Samuel arrived. Saul went out to meet him and salute him. Samuel said. ‘What have you done?’ Saul replied. ‘When I saw that the people were slipping away from me, and that you did not come within the days appointed, and that the Philistines were mustering at Michmash, I said. ‘Now the Philistines will come down upon me at Gilgal. I have not entreated the favor of Yahweh.’ So I forced myself. I offered the burnt offering.’ Samuel said to Saul. ‘You have done foolishly. You have not kept the commandment of Yahweh your God, which he commanded you. Yahweh would have established your kingdom over Israel forever. But now your kingdom will not continue. Yahweh has sought out a man after his own heart. Yahweh has appointed him to be ruler over his people, because you have not kept what Yahweh commanded you.’ Samuel left. He went on his way up from Gilgal. The rest of the people followed Saul to join the army. They went up from Gilgal toward Gibeah of Benjamin. Saul counted the people who were present with him, about six hundred men.”

Saul waited for Samuel at Gilgal for 7 days as was the agreement with Samuel in chapter 9 of this book. When Samuel did not show up, the troops of Saul disbanded so that he only had about 600 men. Saul then offered a burnt offering sacrifice. When Samuel showed up he was mad a Saul for offering a sacrifice since only a priest or prophet could do that. Samuel claimed that Saul has lost his kingship to a man after Yahweh’s heart. Anyway, they both left Gilgal. Saul went back to Gibeah with his 600 men.

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