Outline of the Book of Judges

Joshua General Structure (per Jerusalem Bible)


1)      First Introduction

Summary of the settlements in Canaan

The settlement of Judah and Simeon (Judg 1:1-1:10)

Caleb, Judah, and Benjamin (Judg 1:11-1:21)

The settlement of the house of Joseph at Bethel (Judg 1:22-1:26)

The settlement of the tribes in the north (Judg 1:27-1:36)

The angel of Yahweh announces evil to come upon Israel (Judg 2:1-2:5)


2)      Second Introduction

General considerations about the period of the Judges

The end of the life of Joshua (Judg 2:6-2:10)

The infidelity and punishment of the following generations (Judg 2:11-2:15)

The temporary solution of the judges (Judg 2:16-2:19)

The reason for the permanence of the foreign nations (Judg 2:20-2:23)

People nations that remained in Canaan (Judg 3:1-3:6)


3)      History of the Judges

a)      Othniel

Othniel (Judg 3:7-3:11)


b)      Ehud

Ehud (Judg 3:12-3:30)


c)      Shamgar

Shamgar (Judg 3:31-3:31)


d)     Deborah and Barak

Israel is oppressed by the Canaanite King Jabin (Judg 4:1-4:3)

Deborah (Judg 4:4-4:10)

Heber the Kenite (Judg 4:11-4:11)

The defeat of the army of Sisera (Judg 4:12-4:16)

The death of Sisera (Judg 4:17-4:22)

The deliverance of Israel from King Jabin of Canaan (Judg 4:23-4:24)


e)      Canticle of Debora and Barak

The Canticle of Deborah and Barak (Judg 5:1-5:31)


f)       Gideon and Abimelech

1. Vocation of Gideon

Israel is oppressed by the Midianites (Judg 6:1-6:6)

The intervention of an unnamed prophet (Judg 6:7-6:10)

The appearance of the angel of Yahweh to Gideon (Judg 6:11-6:24)

Gideon tears down the family Baal altar (Judg 6:25-6:32)

The call to arms for the northern tribes (Judg 6:33-6:35)

The fleece test (Judg 6:36-6:40)


2. Campaign of Gideon in the west Jordan area

Yahweh reduces the size of the army of Gideon (Judg 7:1-7:8)

The dream of victory (Judg 7:9-7:15)

The surprise attack (Judg 7:16-7:22)

The pursuit of the Midianites (Judg 7:23-7:25)

The complaint of the Ephraimites (Judg 8:1-8:3)


3. Campaign of Gideon across the Jordan

Gideon asks for food at Succoth and Penuel (Judg 8:4-8:9)

The defeat of Zebah and Zalmunna (Judg 8:10-8:12)

The vengeance of Gideon (Judg 8:13-8:21)

The life of Gideon (Judg 8:22-8:28)

The family of Gideon (Judg 8:29-8:32)

The fall of Israel again (Judg 8:33-8:35)


4. The kingdom of Abimelech

Abimelech becomes king of Shechem (Judg 9:1-9:6)

The poetic cry of Jotham (Judg 9:7-9:15)

Jotham rants at Shechem and flees (Judg 9:16-9:21)

The revolt of the Shechemites against Abimelech (Judg 9:22-9:25)

The disagreement between Gaal and Abimelech’s chief Zebul (Judg 9:26-9:41)

The destruction of Shechem (Judg 9:42-9:49)

The death of Abimelech at the siege of Thebez (Judg 9:50-9:57)


g)      Jephthah and the small judges

1. Tola

Tola (Judg 10:1-10:2)


2. Jair

Jair (Judg 10:3-10:5)


3. Jephthah

The oppression of the Ammonites (Judg 10:6-10:9)

The cry of the Israelites (Judg 10:10-10:16)

Jephthah becomes the new leader (Judg 10:17-11:11)

Jephthah sends messengers to the Ammonites (Judg 11:12-11:28)

The victory of Jephthah (Judg 11:29-11:33)

The fulfillment of the vow of Jephthah (Judg 11:34-11:40)

The war between Ephraim and Gilead (Judg 12:1-12:6)

The death of Jephthah (Judg 12:7-12:7)


h)      Ibzan

Ibzan (Judg 12:8-12:10)


i)        Elon

Elon (Judg 12:11-12:12)


j)        Abdon

Abdon (Judg 12:13-12:15)


k)      Samson

The Philistine rule (Judg 13:1-13:1)

The announcement of the birth of Samson (Judg 13:2-13:7)

The appearance of the Angel of Yahweh to Manoah and his wife (Judg 13:8-13:23)

The birth of Samson (Judg 13:24-13:25)

Samson and the Philistine woman of Timnah (Judg 14:1-14:4)

Samson and the lion (Judg 14:5-14:9)

Samson’s riddle (Judg 14:10-14:20)

Samson burns the harvest of the Philistines (Judg 15:1-15:8)

Samson kills one thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey (Judg 15:9-15:20)

The episode at the gates of Gaza (Judg 16:1-16:3)

Delilah betraysSamson (Judg 16:4-16:22)

Vengeance and the death of Samson (Judg 16:23-16:31)


4)      Appendix

a)      The shrine of Micah and the Danites

The private shrine of Micah (Judg 17:1-17:6)

The Levite from Bethlehem meets Micah (Judg 17:7-17:13)

The Danites at Micah’s house (Judg 18:1-18:6)

The Danites search for new territory (Judg 18:7-18:10)

All the Danites invade the house of Micah (Judg 18:11-18:26)

The taking and establishment of Laish (Judg 18:27-18:31)


b)      The crime of Gibeah and the war against Benjamin

The Levite of Ephraim and his concubine (Judg 19:1-19:10)

The Levite goes to Gibeah (Judg 19:11-19:21)

The crime of Gibeah (Judg 19:22-19:30)

The Israelites take vengeance against the crime at Gibeah (Judg 20:1-20:11)

The Benjaminites are obstinate (Judg 20:12-20:17)

The first combat between the Israelites and the Benjaminites (Judg 20:18-20:28)

The defeat of the Benjaminites (Judg 20:29-20:36)

The extermination of the Benjaminites (Judg 20:36-20:48)



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