The tribe of Issachar (Josh 19:17-19:23)

“The fourth lot came out for Issachar, for the tribe of Issachar, according to its families. Its territory included Jezreel, Chesulloth, Shunem, Hapharaim, Shion, Anaharath, Rabbith, Kishion, Ebez, Remeth, En-gannim, En-haddah, and Beth-pazzez. The boundary also touches Tabor, Shahazumah, and Beth-shemesh, and its boundary ends at the Jordan, sixteen towns with their villages. This is the inheritance of the tribe of Issachar, according to its families, the towns with their villages.”

Issachar is about the same size as Zebulun. For them, Manasseh is to the south, the Jordan on the east, Zebulun to the west, and Naphtali to the north. Of the 16 towns mentioned, the following 10 are only mentioned here: Chesulloth, Hapha-raim, Shion, Anaharath, Rabbith, Ebez, Remeth, En-haddah, Beth-pazzez, and Shahazumah.

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