Outline of the Book of Exodus

Exodus General Structure (per Jerusalem Bible)


 I.    Deliverance from Egypt

a.      Israel in Egypt

The prosperity of the Israelites in Egypt (Ex 1:1-1:7)

The oppression of the Israelites (Ex 1:8-1:22)


b.      The youth of Moses

The birth of Moses (Ex 2:1-2:10)

The flight of Moses to Midian (Ex 2:11-2:22)


c.       The calling of Moses

God remembers Israel (Ex 2:23-2:25)

The burning bush (Ex 3:1-3:6)

The mission of Moses (Ex 3:7-3:12)

The revelation of God’s name (Ex 3:13-3:15)

The instructions about the mission of Moses (Ex 3:16-3:20)

The plunder of Egypt (Ex 3:21-3:22)

Moses’ first miracles (Ex 4:1-4:9)

Aaron as interpreter for Moses (Ex 4:10-4:17)

Return of Moses to Egypt and his departure from Midian (Ex 4:18-4:23)

The circumcision of Moses’ son (Ex 4:24-4:26)

The meeting with Aaron (Ex 4:27-4:31)

The first encounter with Pharaoh (Ex 5:1-5:5)

The instructions for the supervisors (Ex 5:6-5:14)

The complaints of the Israelite supervisors (Ex 5:15-5:18)

The recriminations against Moses (Ex 5:19-6:1)

Another passage about the vocation of Moses (Ex 6:2-6:13)

The genealogy of Moses and Aaron (Ex 6:14–6:27)

The continuation of the vocation and mission of Moses (Ex 6:28-7:7)


d.      The plagues in Egypt and the Passover

The staff changes into a snake (Ex 7:8-7:13)

The first plague – The Nile River pollution with blood (Ex 7:14-7:24)

The second plague – frogs (Ex 7:25-8:15)

The third plague – mosquito/gnats (Ex 8:16-8:19

The fourth plague – flies (Ex 8:20-8:32)

The fifth plague – the sick livestock (Ex 9:1-9:7)

The sixth plague – festering boils (Ex 9:8-9:12)

The seventh plague – hail and thunderstorm (Ex 9:13-9:35)

The eighth plague – locusts (Ex 10:1-10:20)

 The ninth plague – darkness in Egypt (Ex 10:21-10:29)

The tenth plague – death of the first-born (Ex 11:1-11:10)

The Feast of Passover (Ex 12:1-12:14)

The Feast of the Unleavened Bread (Ex 12:15-12:20)

The prescriptions for the actual Passover (Ex 12:21-12:28)

The death of the first-born (Ex 12:29-12:34)

The plunder of the Egytpians (Ex 12:35-12:36)

The departure of Israel (Ex 12:37-12:42)

Prescriptions about who can participate in the Passover (Ex 12:43-12:51)

The consecration of the first born (Ex 13:1-13:2)

The unleavened bread (Ex 13:3-13:10)

The first-born males (Ex 13:11-13:16)


e.       The passage of the Red Sea

The departure of the Israelites (Ex 13:17-13:22)

From Etham to the Red Sea (Ex 14:1-14:4)

The pursuit of the Egyptians (Ex 14:5-14:14)

The passage of the Red Sea (Ex 14:15-14:31)

The victory chant (Ex 15:1-15:21)


II.       The desert march

Marah (Ex 15:22-15:27)

Manna and quails (Ex 16:1-16:36)

Water from the rock (Ex 17:1-17:7)

The battle with Amalek (Ex 17:8-17:16)

The meeting of Jethro and Moses (Ex 18:1-18:12)

The institution of the judges (Ex 18:13-18:27)


III.     The covenant at Sinai

a.      The covenant and the Ten Commandments

Arrival at Sinai (Ex 19:1-19:2)

Promise of a covenant (Ex 19:3-19:8)

Preparation for the covenant (Ex 19:9-19:15)

The theophany (Ex 19:16-19:25)

The Decalogue (Ex 20:1-20:21)


b.      The code of the covenant

The law about altars (Ex 20:22-20:26)

The laws relative to slaves (Ex 21:1-21:11)

Homicide (Ex 21:12-21:17)

Fights and injuries (Ex 21:18-21:27)

Oxen and open pits (Ex 21:28-21:36)  

Stealing animals (Ex 22:1-22:3)

Dealing with your neighbor’s animals (Ex 22:4-22:15)

Seducing a virgin (Ex 22:16-22:17)

Religious and moral laws (Ex 22:18-22:28)

The first-born (Ex 22:29-22:31)

Justice and your enemy (Ex 23:1-23:9)

The Sabbath year (Ex 23:10-23:13)

The feasts of Israel (Ex 23:14-23:19)

The promise and the instructions for the entrance into Canaan (Ex 23:20-23:32)


c.       Conclusion of the covenant

The conclusion of the covenant (Ex 24:1-24:11)

Moses on the mountain forty days (Ex 24:12-24:18)


d.      Prescriptions about the construction of the sanctuary and their ministers

The contributions for the sanctuary (Ex 25:1-25:9)

The Ark of the Covenant (Ex 25:10-25:22)

The golden table (Ex 25:23-25:30)

The golden lamp stand (Ex 25:31-25:40)

Curtains covering the tabernacle (Ex 26:1-26:14)

The wood frame (Ex 26:15-26:30)

The curtain (Ex 26:31-26:37)

The holocaust altar (Ex 27:1-27:8)

The court of the tabernacle (Ex 27:9-27:19)

The oil for the lamps (Ex 27:20-27:21)

The priestly vestments (Ex 28:1-28:5)

The ephod (Ex 28:6-28:14)

The breastplate (Ex 28:15-28:30)

The blue robe (Ex 28:31-28:35)

The headpiece turban, tunic and sash (Ex 28:36-28:39)

The priestly clothing for Aaron and his sons (Ex 28:40-28:43)

Preparation for the consecration of Aaron and his sons (Ex 29:1-29:3)

Washing, clothing and anointing of Aaron and his sons (Ex 29:4-29:9)

Offering of the bull and rams (Ex 29:10-29:21)

Investiture of priests (Ex 29:22-29:30)

Sacred meal (Ex 29:31-29:34)

Consecration of the altar of holocausts (Ex 29:35-29:37)

Daily holocausts (Ex 29:38-29:46)

The golden incense altar (Ex 30:1-30:10)

The ransom fee (Ex 30:11-30:16)

The bronze basin (Ex 30:17-30:21)

The anointing oil (Ex 30:22-30:33)

The incense (Ex 30:34-30:38)

The skilful sanctuary workers (Ex 31:1-31:11)

The Sabbath rest (Ex 31:12-31:17)

The tablets of the law (Ex 31:18-31:19)


e.       The failure of the Israelites and the renewed covenant

The golden calf (Ex 32:1-32:6)

Yahweh sends Moses (Ex 32:7-32:10)

The intercession of Moses (Ex 32:11-32:14)

Moses breaks the stone tablets of the law (Ex 32:15-32:24)

The zeal of the Levites (Ex 32:25-32:29)

Another intercession of Moses (Ex 32:30-32:35)

The order to depart (Ex 33:1-33:6)

The meeting tent (Ex 33:7-33:11)

Conversation of Moses and Yahweh (Ex 33:12-33:17)

Moses and the glory of Yahweh (Ex 33:18-33:23)

The new stone tablets (Ex 34:1-34:5)

The Divine proclamation (Ex 34:6-34:9)

The renewed Covenant (Ex 34:10-34:28)

Moses descends the mountain (Ex 34:29-34:35)


f.        Construction of the sanctuary

The laws for the sabbatical rest (Ex 35:1-35:3)

Collection of materials (Ex 35:4-35:29)

The workers at the sanctuary (Ex 35:30-35:35)

Stopping the collection (Ex 36:1-36:7)

The curtains of the tabernacle (Ex 36:8-36:19)

The frames for the tabernacle (Ex 36:20-36:34)

The entrance curtain (Ex 36:35-36:38)

Making the Ark of the Covenant (Ex 37:1-37:9)

The golden table (Ex 37:10-37:16)

The golden lamp stand (Ex 37:17-37:24)

The incense altar (Ex 37:25-37:29)

The holocaust altar (Ex 38:1-38:7)

The bronze basin (Ex 38:8-38:8)

Construction of the court (Ex 38:9-38:20)

Counting the materials (Ex 38:21-38:31)

The ephod (Ex 39:1-39:7)

The breastplate (Ex 39:8-39:21)

The blue robe (Ex 39:22-39:26)

Priestly clothing (Ex 39:27-39:29)

The diadem turban (Ex 39:30-39:32)

The delivery to Moses of all that was done (Ex 39:33-39:43)

The erection and consecration of the sanctuary (Ex 40:1-40:15)

The execution of the divine orders (Ex 40:16-40:33)

Yahweh tales possession of the sanctuary (Ex 40:34-40:35)

The cloud guides the Israelites (Ex 40:36-40:38)


My understanding of Exodus

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