The audience with Pharaoh (Gen 47:1-47:6)

“So Joseph went and told Pharaoh, ‘My father and my brothers, with their flocks and herds and all that they possess, have come from the land of Canaan.  They are now in the land of Goshen.’   From among his brothers he took five men and presented them to Pharaoh.  Pharaoh said to his brothers, ‘What is your occupation?’  They said to Pharaoh, ‘Your servants are shepherds, as our ancestors were.’  They said to Pharaoh, ‘We have come to reside as aliens in the land.  There is no pasture for your servants’ flocks because the famine is severe in the land of Canaan.  Now, we ask you let your servants settle in the land of Goshen.’  Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘Your father and your brothers have come to you.  The land of Egypt is before you.  Settle your father and your brothers in the best part of the land.  Let them live in the land of Goshen.  If you know that there are capable men among them, put them in charge of my livestock.’”

When five of the brothers came to Pharaoh, he asked them their occupation, and they said that they were shepherds like their ancestors.  They wanted to reside as aliens.  Due to the famine, they wanted to settle in Goshen.  Pharaoh said okay and that they could be in charge of his livestock also.  This seems to working out fine.

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